The Bagsvärd Fort

The Bagsvaerd Fort

The Bagsvärd Fort was built during the years 1892 and 1893. It is triangle-shaped and has casemates and a dry moad like most of the other forts. It is similar to the Gladsaxe Fort.
The Bagsvaerd Fort was supposed to prevent enemy attack between the Gladsaxe Fort and the Lyngby Fort.

As most of the Fort around Copenhagen, this fort was triangular.


Haubits in mount for caponiere

The main armament consisted of 8 pcs. of 120 mm Haubitz. Four of them were placed in turrets on top af the fort and four of them were placed in the caponieres.
The haubits shown above is actually from the Bagsvärd Fort.

The surface and the exterior

The interior

The Fort is unique because one of the observation turrets and the palisades are intact.

The Fort was decommissioned in 1920.