The Vangede Battery


The vangede_batteri

The Vangede Battery was constructed during the years 1887 to 1888.
The Battery was supposed to protect the southern part of the Northern Front, by shelling the area between the Gladsaxe, Bagsværd and Lyngby Forts. The Battery also was supposed to protect the area behind the three forts.

The Battery had a dry moat and two battery lines. A southern line with six 12 cm. guns and a storage room for ammunition, and a northern line with 3 12 cm. guns and also here a storage room. Range of the guns was approximately 7 kilometres.

In the middle of  the battery there was casemates for crew and storage. There were two cuppolas on top of the casemates, armed with 8 mm. 10 barrelled mitrallieuse. (machinegun) The battery is almost similar to the Tinghøj Battery. The crew was composed of 3 officers, 13 sergeants and 100 enlisted men.

The battery was decommissioned in 1920.