The Christiansholms Battery

The Christiansholm Battery was constructed during the years 1887 – 1892. It was the main construction in the Christiansholms Line.
 It also consisted of two other batteries on each side of the fort. The battery was triangle-shaped and was surrounded of a wet moat.
 On top of the battery there were three turrets (cuppolas) with short 15. cm guns. Range approximately 5 kilometres. There also were two pieces
 of 8mm. Mitrallieuse to protect the moat.
 The throat of the fort was protected by two pieces of 9 cm. guns.
 The two batteries beside the main battery were armed with each 4 pieces of 15 cm. guns. Range approximately 6,3 kilometres. These guns
were donated after a fundraising among Danish women.

 The Christiansholms Battery was decommissioned in 1920.

 Only the throat is visible today.