The Dragör Fort

35,5_cm gun at the Dragör Fort

35,5_cm gun at the Dragör Fort

The Dragør Fort was built during the years 1910 to 1915 on an artificial island, approx. 400 meters from the coast immediately south of the little fishing community Dragør.
The fort corresponds quite exactly to the contemporary Flak Fort.

The task of the fort was to prevent a hostile bombardment of Copenhagen from the seaside, to protect some mine barriers in the Drogden strait, to prevent a hostile landing on the southern coast of the island of Amager and to prevent enemy vessels’ operations in the Drogden and Flint straits.
It is a fort partially based on casemates. The main armament was mounted on open concrete emplacements turned south by southeast.
The fort itself was originally at naval fort, and thereby surrounded by water. At narrow bridge led to the fort.
Later a dam has been made, and now it looks like the fort is a coastal fort with at wet moat.

Originally it was equipped with 4 pcs. of 35.5 cm. haubits, of which two were transferred from the Charlottenlund Fort, 4 pcs. of 17 cm. haubits, 4 pcs. of 120 mm. quick-firing steel guns, 2 pcs. of 75 mm. quick-firing steel guns in pivot bearing, 1 pcs. of 47 mm. gun as well as machineguns and small arms.

During the Cold War, 3 pieces of double 40 mm anti-aircraft guns were mounted at the Dragør Fort.
In the 1980’s the fort was rearmed with 2 pcs. of 76 mm. anti-aircraft guns.
As a result of rearmaments many of the original emplacements was vanished.

Only the emplacements for the 17 cm. and a couple and couple of the emplacements for the 75 mm guns are completely intact. Also the emplacements and crew rooms for the anti-aircraft guns are intact.

The interior


The surface


The 40 mm AA battery