The Western Batteries

To strengthen the defense and prevent enemy artillery from coming too close to the enceinte, there were some permanent batteries. There also were a lot of mobilization batteries.

A battery consists of 2-12 guns. At the western Enceinte of Copenhagen typically 4 or 8

The permanent batteries had originally been given numbers, but it was replaced with names related to the farms on whose land they were built. In connection with each permanent battery, an underground ammunition magazine was constructed.

The mobilization batteries were also given names.

The guns in the permanent batteries were during peacetime stored near the battery. The Artillery could then be brought up to their position by the ramps at the rampages.

The Permanent batteries:

The Paradis Battery
The Poppel Battery
The Bröndbyvester Battery (Dual battery )
The Vibe Battery
The Vestbane Battery
The Hvissinge Battery (dual battery)
The Tinderhöj Battery (Dual battery)
The Harrestrup Battery
The Nordvestbane Battery
The Kagsaa Battery (Dual battery)