The Other Installations

Flanking positions on the beach.

They had a little different task than the flanking positions at the trenches. They were supposed to cover the barbed wire closures on the beach below Mosede Fort and its batteries

In recognition of the good observation options from the aeroplanes, the idea of fixed posts in the form of caves and galleries was given up.

Instead machine gun nests were designed in the terrain, where they cast space only for shelter for the crew. When an attack began, the crew

could  run out to their small hidden posts in the terrain. None of these small positions were build before peace broke out. It shows, however, that

the development of the weapons and tactics went faster than constructing the positions.

Redoubts (= skanse) and other works, probably only earth embankments blocked with barbed wire:

Risø skanse

Kildemose skanse

Vindinge dobbeltskanse

Karlslundeværk (Hill 32)


Kridthusværket (med Kridthus Vest galleri)




Emergency rooms:

960 emergency rooms were plann, which number later were reduced to 640. in 1919 only 160 were actually built. In the beginning the Emergency

rooms were originally given numbers, but later given names.



Emergency room 39 and 40 becomes Firhøje West Room and Firhøje East Room.

Coverage Positions:

Veddelev Mølle Dækningsgrav

Højskole Dækningsgrav

Rolighed Dækningsgrav (not the Rolighed Emergency room)

Roskildevej Dækningsgrav