The Masnedö Fort

Drawing of the Masnedö Fort

The Masnedø Fort was part af the Grönsund coastal stronghold. The fort is located at the little island of Masnedö, just south of Zealand.

The fort had the following particular tasks:
 – To protect the connection between Zealand and the island of Falster
 – To prevent enemy forces crossing the Storström waters
 – To prevent hostile incursions into the Storström from the Grønsund waters
 – To support the Danish forces in combat
 – To protect the railway junction Vordingborg / Masnedsund

The Fort was armed with:
2 pcs. of 15 cm. steelguns M/1888
4 pcs. of 120 mm quickfiring steelguns M/1912
2 pcs. of 120 mm quickfiring steelhaubits M/1914
11 pcs. of 8 mm machineguns Madsen M/1903.
1 150 cm and 1 pcs. of 90 cm floodlights mounted in manual elevators
1 30 cm. floodlight in the mout.

Crew consisting of 167 men and additional 25 men on plotting stations outside the fort.


Photos of the exterior


Photos from the interior