The Mosede Fort

Floor plan The Mosede Fort

Floor plan The Mosede Fort

The Mosede Fort was originally named Mosede Battery, but ended up referred to as the Mosede Fort. There is no source material indicating that it should be officially renamed, and it has all the hallmarks for an coastal battery.
This phenomenon is evident with several of the coastal batteries that later are referred to as forts.

The Mosede Battery was included as a coastal battery at the Tune stronghold’s left wing.

It was built in 1913 and IT was designed at the same time as the Masnedø Fort.
The construction of the Mosede Fort was delayed, partly because the emplacements had to be strengthened, based on the fact that the ceiling in barracks underneath should be able to withstand the effects of the recoil from the haubits placed on top of them.
The battery was not finished until 1916.

Until the closure of the Tuning position, the Haubits battery was not placed on the casemate building, but in a southern and a northern haubits battery, 300 and 1000 meters, respectively, north and northeast of the casemate building. The risk that the battery and the guns were observed from the air was to high.

In connection with the battery there were some flank positions, the Strand and the Klinte flanks.
These are now partially visible.
The shaft bit battery itself has been partially buried, but during a renovation in 2012, a larger proportion of the emplacements of the 120 mm. haubits battery, the ramparts and the moat.
There are still something left to be excavated.

The surface

The interior